What mentality makes players lose when betting ?

Why most players when playing online football betting on mobile? A bad rating is not necessarily the final deciding factor, but the main reason is psychology. So what is the main mentality that makes players lose their bets?

Online betting and betting players have two psychological factors that seem completely opposite to each other, that is when entering this activity need to have a positive attitude, but also need to be motivated. The positive attitude is that players are not allowed to fall, bitterly, recognize the betting in extreme ways, and place a great desire to get better at it day after night. At the same time, if we are faced with failures, we must not be discouraged, must boldly look into reality to draw experience and step by step to overcome.

However, bettors also need to be motivated to make money. Once the action with the goal becomes clear, players will easily concretize their moves, they know they are entering an investment activity, so they need to quit. the amount of time, effort, and money to achieve victory in the long run. Making money is the betting goal of many people, it is no longer unfamiliar, unless the player only comes to betting with entertainment purposes without thinking about winning or losing. Either way, players also need to be aware that the motive to make money needs to adhere to a positive attitude, because once players have the right attitude, take the time to learn from experience, they will easily get the profit, to meet the goal of making more money.

Betting can be an activity that helps players make money quickly, but at the same time can also make them “empty-handed” when losing. These results depend on each individual’s opinion of the game, how to play as well as the use of funds. If you really want to make long-term money, bettors need to see this activity as a form of calculated investment, not merely based on chance.


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