Top Online Sportsbooks To Play in The United States (part 1)

There are hundreds of sportsbooks across the world, but in this article, we have narrowed down the list to the top five online sportsbooks for U.S. players.

1. Bovada

Bovada Minimum Deposit: $20

Bovada Minimum Internet Bet: $1

In addition, another benefit of Bovada is their live betting platform, which allows the bettor to bet on a wide variety of prop bets during a match-up. However, that Bovada’s drawback is that its betting lines seem to come out a bit later than that of the other sportsbooks. If you don’t mind waiting to make your bets on basketball and hockey games, this won’t be a huge matter with Bovada. Taking all of this into account, and considering that Bovada is very secure and reliable, gives us good reason to name Bovada the number one in this list.

2. 5Dimes

5Dimes Minimum Deposit: $25

5Dimes Minimum Internet Bet: $0.50

Based out of San Jose, Costa Rica, 5Dimes is one of the leading names in the sportsbook industry. Setting up an account via the internet is very simple. 5Dimes’s minimum deposit has recently been changed to $25 if it is with Bitcoin. 5Dimes has an extensive betting options, including Totals, Straights, Parlays, Open Parlays, Progressive Parlays, Teasers, Open Teasers, and more. This variety of betting options is definitely what helps 5Dimes stand out from the other sportsbooks. Their offerings for new players (-105 pricing) is also a huge benefit for the new player. The best benefit of 5Dimes may be that they allow an industry minimum bet of 50 cents which really plays to the non-serious bettor.


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