Tips for MMA betting (part 1)

Betting on MMA – specifically UFC – is among the fastest growing markets at online sports betting as well as casinos in the US. Here are four tips for MMA betting that you need to know and practice right now.

1. Sizing up styles

The term mixed martial arts means that fighters of various styles and practices bring their best to the cage, which creates some very intriguing match-ups. While some fighters are more upright strikers, preferring to stand and deliver blows, others are skilled in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and attempt to submit an opponent or take the fight to the mat to ground-and-pound.

One of the best ways to find the value in the MMA betting odds is to look at how these styles matchup and the advantages they provide one fighter over the others are. Like in boxing, stance should be considered when you handicap a fight, which depends on the style of the combatants Southpaw fighters can find themselves at an advantage compared to orthodox fighters since they are not usually used to defending that type of stance.

2. Records and MMA math

When sizing up the UFC betting odds, a fighter’s record is one of the first pieces of data that bettors look at. However, it has also factored into the numbers. Sometimes, records can be deceiving because it is impossible to simply find out the quality of opponents just by looking at the wins and losses.

Bettors usually want to take a deeper look at those results and the news around those wins/losses. A fighter’s defeats might have come in closely-contested bouts against elite-level foes at the same time their opponent migth have built an impressive resume. Those fighters having been tested are usually more prepared and can faster adapt during the course of a fight than those that haven’t be really challenged.


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