The Most Popular Sport to Bet on in the US (part 2)

It’s also important to distinct the major difference in the amount of games competed in baseball and football. A normal baseball season lasts 180 days with 2,430 matches organized. The NFL season lasts much less and only comprised of 356 games in total. According to a recent survey of NFL fans, only 23% of sports fans claimed to have followed the Super Bowl in its entirety, while only 16% of fans watched the entire World Series.

There is no doubt baseball has an enormous fan base, and is likely the most popular sport in the US just after  football, but basketball is now increasing popular than ever before.

The NBA explosion in the USA

Meet anyone on the street in the US for a name of professional athlete, and there’s a big chance you’ll hear name of an NBA player. Basketball has never been more popular in the US, in fact, many times, NBA finals broke ABC’s rating record for thr most watched sporting event in history.

NBA players 

Star players such as Lebron James and Stephen Curry have become household names. Their rivalry got the sporting world up in fierceful debating over who is better. So how many people are putting money on basketball betting?

Surprisingly, college basketball has generated a massive amount of gambling revenue. During March Madness approximately $2.5 billion is illegally betting by gamblers in the US. It’s unclear how much is spent gambling on the NBA, but likely somewhere in between $10-30 billion range.

It’s common knowledge that football is the king sport in the world. Yes, soccer not American football. What we all in the US call soccer has the biggest fan base in the world, approximately 4 billion, to be exact. Soccer is hugely famous throughout most parts of the world, and has generated the most gambling revenue out of any sport.

The director of Sport betting committee estimated that the total betting industry generates approximately $800 billion per year, 60% of which comes from soccer. The massive increase of internet usage over the past decade has contributed to raise the number of sport gamblers around the world.

What many people don’t know, is that cricket is the second most famous sport in the world. There are an estimated 2 billion cricket fans, many of them originated from India. Field/ ice hockey, tennis, and volleyball are also more famous than any “American” sports, and globally, baseball has far more fan base than American football.

So yes, American football is the most famous sport to bet on in the US, but globally, it cannot compare to soccer. Online gambling is sure to continue increasing, so make sure to stay updated at all time.


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