The Most Popular Sport to Bet on in the US (part 1)

America has one of the biggest sporting fan bases in the world, but do you know what I’d the most popular sport to wager in the US?

The NFL attracts a bigger audience than any other sport in the US. For years, football has been recognized as the most popular sport in America. From the early 1900’s to about 1985, however, baseball was the most popular sport. It was due to the huge media broadcast and emergence of talents like Joe Montana and Dan Marino that helped increase the popularity of NFL into the most watched sport in America. Unsurprisingly, football is also the most popular sport to wager in the US.

A 2014 Harris Poll revealed 40% of sporting athletes in the US select football as their favorite sport. It consistently brings in the highest number of spectators to games, with the Super Bowl annually attracting the most viewers of any TV broadcast. Football is a phenomenon in America, and a remarkably high number of sports fans here love to wager on the games.

How much money do Americans spend on football betting?

According to multiple estimates, US gamblers spend a total of around $100 billion per year betting on football. Most of this gambling is illegal, despite there has been a number of great online sportsbooks in the US that offer legal betting lines for football.

That number may seem high, but it rapidly increase every year. New forms of sports betting such as online daily fantasy sports are also contributing to the massive forms of sports gambling in America. The 2015 Super Bowl alone generated nearly $120 million from sports betting. So how does NFL betting compare to baseball betting?

Baseball betting in the US

A study by CNBC revealed that approximately $35 to $40 billion is spent on MLB betting every year. Most of this is illegal betting. Baseball is not the most popular sport to wager in the US, mostly because there are no point spreads. Nonetheless, $45 billion is a substantial amount of money.


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