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US States Realize Online Sports Betting Potential After COVID-19 lockdown (part 1)


The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed most of the United States for six months, especially the brick-and-mortar businesses. On the other side, that has expedited the push for online businesses and sports betting is not an exception.

There are different reasons behind the move. Some lawmakers have showed safety and health concerns while others were more realistic to the falling revenues for the state and looking for alternative sources of funding.

With the federal government stepping in to offer relief funding, states have pointed out that the best way to control the situation would be to find more money, therefore, sports betting comes in.

Legislative Push for Sports Betting Starts in 2020

Sports betting leagues have been able to return, while the future of most sports betting competition was a big question for most of 2020.

All NFL franchises has come back to play, even though the American Gaming Association (AGA) expects that there are only 33.2 million sports bettors this year, below the 40 million who placed a bet during the 2019/20 season.

Meanwhile, both the NBA and NHL have been able to resume their seasons. They have transitioned into the playoffs and shaved off a number of teams.

The return of sports events has been a success, particularly amid a global health pandemic. Although all organizations enhanced safety measures and protocols, many athletes have chosen to opt out of playing this year. And legislators from across the country have been pushing for the introduction of working sports betting legislation.

The state of Massachusetts is one of the first states to have tried and introduced sports betting. However, it will have to do some things before the legislation can pass the State Senate, objected to language involving collegiate sports betting.

In July, the state of California also resumed the legislation push for the Sunny State’s sports betting industry. They are doing things to put the question up on the November ballot.

Important Qualities for the Best Sports Betting Sites

Let’s have a look at the most important qualities that matter the most when ranking the best sports betting sites.

Range of Sports Betting Options

One of the advantages of online sports betting is that it opens up a lots more changes for making money. The land-based sportsbooks and bookmakers may cover all the major sports or perhaps a few of the less popular ones but the variety is usually somewhat limited. When betting on the internet, or at least not when using the best online betting sites, that is not the case. The top sports betting websites cover mostly every sport you can imagine, and many more others. It’s for sure that you’ll never be short of something to wager on.

Odds and Lines

Competitive Odds and Lines

A major aspect of sports betting is trying to find the best value. The best betting sites for the USA as well as anywhere else keep their margins low and their odds high.

User-Friendly Betting Interface

Whether you bet on sports to make money or just to have fun, it’s sure that you always want to place your bets as easily as possible. Therefore, top online betting sites with a user-friendly platform will treat you best. However, in fact, some betting sites are stuck in the 20th century in terms of website design.

Live Betting Platform

Another big advantage of online sports gambling is betting in-play, which has become more and more popular in recent years. It opens up a brand new range of real money betting opportunities, which can be very profitable if you clearly know what you are doing.

Betting Limits for All Budgets

Some people like to bet big while others prefer to bet small. Most bettors in the US fall somewhere in between. It’s important that you can bet at any level you are comfortable with and we all expect the top betting sites to facilitate that. When we’re ranking sports betting sites for the US, those that cater for all budgets are looked upon favorably.

How to ensure the betting website in The US is legal?

One of the biggest concerns that new online sports betting faces is determining the legality of the American betting site they have chosen and ensuring their deposits and personal information are secure safe and confidential. 

There are a few important things that a new player can check to verify that they are dealing with a reliable betting site.

The first thing to check is whether the betting site is licensed and regulated by a known authority. In addition to the Kahnawake Mohawk territory, which permits and strictly regulates online betting sites that are open within its jurisdiction, a number of betting websites serving Americans are regulated by overseas government agencies.

In addition to the UK Gambling Commission, many reputable betting sites are based in the Caribbean and Central America, and are regulated by national governments, including the governments of Curacao and Costa Rica. Although such a license does not guarantee the integrity of an online betting site, the absence of such a license will immediately cause concern.

It is also wise to stick with betting sites that have been in business for at least five years. Running an online betting site is a tough business, only with the best-ethical and running brands that can maintain their business for a long time.

See the brand’s gambling policies and customer service options. You want to be able to communicate with the betting site at times and in ways that are convenient and comfortable for you. Only the best betting websites in The US can do that.

As in most industries, betting websites offer poor customer products and services or engage in shady, inactive activities for very long periods. The brand is committed to customer care, while offering an enjoyable and competitive betting experience, which has proven to be the most successful.

The easiest option for most sports betting fans in The US is to use a credit or debit card. Most betting sites serving American players accept Visa and Mastercard. Deposit can be made by primary card or prepaid card. In some cases, deposits can also be made directly to sports books from your bank account using Visa Debit or Interac electronic funds transfer. Some brands also accept personal checks as a form of deposit.

After you have won big and it is time to withdraw money, there are several options available to you. A popular option is to receive your winnings as a paper check. However, choosing betting sites also allows payments to be made to you in the same form that your deposit was made; If you deposit by credit card, your withdrawal will be paid to your credit card.

As the number of American sports betting fans increased, the number of betting websites willing to accept their bets also increased. Your odds of having a great betting experience will be better when you choose a reputable American betting site.

Guide to Online Sports Betting In the US (part 2)

What’s the Legalization of Online Sports Betting In the US?

Nevada has been the only state that legalized sports betting and left sports bettors from other states with more under-the-radar approaches to their betting activities. But this is rapidly changing throughout the US after the Supreme Court granted all states the freedom to legalize and regulate sports betting on May 14.

Some states, like Pennsylvania, immediately legalized sports betting after the Supreme Court’s ruling. Meanwhile, some other states are still discussing on getting the full approval for legalized sports betting within their borders – such is the case with some states in the Deep South.

What Are Your Online Sports Betting Options?

Like any other form of betting, online sports betting also has a few common types that you can put your money on. The most popular type of betting is the money line, most indicated for baseball or hockey.

Another frequently occurring type of betting is the over/under bet, simply allowing you to bet on the number of points expected to occur between the two teams. This means that it doesn’t really matter which team wins or loses.

Point spreads are another type of betting you can wager on, particularly if you are betting on hockey or baseball – the way it works is that the chosen team needs to win by more points indicated in the spread and the underdog needs to lose by fewer points than indicated in the spread or win altogether.

Parlays are a type of betting that is similar to point spreads, but they allow punchers to bet on more games at the same time. However, they are a little risky, considering the fact that you will lose them all if you lose one game. People tend to be attracted to this type of betting due to the seemingly greater odds, however, those same odds can usually detract other punters.

Guide to Online Sports Betting In the US (part 1)

Betting on sports is an exciting journey all on its own. Regardless of the reasons why you’re interested in pursuing sports betting, you should take note of the background that sports betting has in the US, including the legal status it has in certain states and what some of the most popular and profitable betting options are. Here is a full guide to online sports betting in the US.

1. How to Bet Online On Sports In the US

When talking about sports betting in the US, the most important thing to remember is that not all states that allow sports betting will also allow players to bet online. Some states may require you to go to a land-based casino, while others may allow you to bet online on a myriad of apps, as long as you are anywhere in the state limits. Due to this, betting apps will often use geolocation to ensure every betting activity that is taking place observes local regulations.

In terms of the minimum required age for online sports betting, each state will also have its own standards. With few exceptions in states that allow online betting starting from an age as low as 18, most states will allow this only to bettors that have turned 21.

2. What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet On Online In the US?

This guide shows exactly what people in the US tend to bet the most on, when it comes to sports. The fact shows that football is the sport that leads the way by holding a majority of sports bettors’ interest. Following football, you’ll find that basketball, baseball, horse racing, and soccer are among the most favorite sports among US bettors. Besides these sporting staples, punters also usually bet on boxing or hockey, mixed martial arts, and golf.