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Some useful information about basketball betting you should know (Part 2)

For over and under (O / U) bets:

The dealer will give you any number. The player will proceed to bet on whether the score that the two teams scored will be higher, lower or equal to the score set by the dealer.

That means there will be 3 forms for you to put, which is the draw, the underdog or the upper market.

For outright markets:

It depends on each dealer there will be different types of markets, which are bets on which player to score first, bet on how many goals scored in a match, bet on player to win the MVP match, bet on best player of the season, bet on team to win the championship, etc.

In general, online basketball betting has a wide variety of bets. In addition to the above types of markets, there are also parlays, over bets, parity bets, team bets to score the last score, etc. Along with that is how to participate in basketball betting is relatively easy, odds of winning. is also high and there are many bookmakers for you to bet on.

Some note when participating in online basketball betting

In the event that a match is tied, there will be extra time (Overtime). After extra time is over, the results of the 2 main periods will be taken and added over time, so we will get the results for the whole game.

If you place bets on either quarter or quarter overtime then overtime will not be counted. To make it easier to understand, that is, when betting on either the 2nd half or the 4th quarter, overtime will not be counted.

On average, a team when attacking will have about 24 seconds to perform the organizing phase of the attack and throw the ball into the basket. If the end of this period does not take place in the field, then the game must be suspended and the ball is passed to the opponent. Anyone who plays a handicap bet or a handicap bet, remember to pay attention to the above developments to make reasonable adjustments.

The time of the game will be closely watched by the referees, if any team stops the ball and throws the free throw, the time of the match will also stop. When a match takes place, teams are entitled to stop the match to consult with each other.

Some useful information about basketball betting you should know (Part 1)

Basketball is a popular sport in the world. Particularly in the US and China, basketball is always watched by a large audience.

Basketball betting is a type of betting with many odds offered by the bookmakers, mainly applied to basketball. In a basketball match, there are usually 2 teams playing against each other, the match takes place within 2 halves, divided into 4 rounds (quarter). Thus, each round will play in 2 turns, 1 round will take place from 10 – 12 minutes.

After the play time is over, if both are tied, they will play extra time with the time of 5 minutes, to determine the winner or loser. In case 2 teams tie, they will play 1 more extra period.

In addition to betting on the matchup in each quarter, or in every round, you can also bet on overtime.

The international basketball tournaments are always held regularly, the bonus is also very attractive. Typically, the NBA professional basketball tournament of the United States, always has an extremely large number of followers.

Basketball is considered an attractive sport not inferior to the sport of king. Therefore, it is obvious that basketball is included in the list of sports betting by bookmakers. Any major basketball tournament takes place, the bookmakers will always provide the odds of the match, players will surely have the opportunity to experience the exciting basketball betting moments.

Popular odds of betting on basketball

Next, we will briefly introduce you to some of the basketball betting odds that some bookmakers are currently applying. We will have 2 main forms that are the pre-match and in-match odds.

Usually the types of pre-match bets will be relatively diverse, mainly in the first half, 1st Half or full match. Particularly for the remaining innings will be basketball odds in the match (live play).

For handicap markets: Usually, depending on the match going on, there will be a different odds, all of which are under the control of the house. Players need to place a wager before the match takes place, after the end of the round it will be through the result to know whether the bet you have wagered is win or lose. To make sure you win, you should actively find out the teams before placing your bet.