Popular Soccer Betting Markets for Beginners in the USA

You will agree with me that soccer betting is the easiest game to bet on. As a beginner, the most important thing to understand is the different odds on offer. There are hundreds of soccer markets, especially for advanced players. If you are a beginner, here are some select markets to get you started.


For many fans, it’s all about who wins the game, and this is the same when it comes to Moneyline bets. These bets require players to predict which team will win, or if the game will end in a draw. Please note, bookmakers have expanded Moneylines with other variants like handicap bets, which gives a particular team the advantage before the game starts.

Under / Over

Also known as Totals, Under / Over bets are very straightforward. There is a proposition on the number of goals, corners, cards, e.t.c. and that a match will yield at either half time or full time. The task is to predict whether they will be over or under the proposed figure. The most popular Under / Over bet is, of course, the number of goals.


There are teams with superstars who are most likely to be on the scoresheet – talk of Cristiano Ronaldo, and other top stars including Messi and Neymar. Bookmakers capitalize on this and offer anytime goalscorer bets, which fetch quite enticing odds. The bets can also be provided as the first goalscorer, or the last goalscorer, to sweeten the deal.

The above are the most popular soccer bets for beginners. Other bets include draw, no bet and future bets, among others. Indeed, they are easy and straightforward, so even without experience in soccer, you can try your luck. The odds should guide you on the probability of the bet winning. High odds mean it is not an easy fete, while low odds suggest the events are likely to go as predicted.


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