Kevin Durant continued to glow to engulf the Boston Celtics

Kevin Durant’s second match after 17 months of injury, he showed even more outstanding and impressive performance than the first match.

The highlight of the NBA Preseason series on December 19 was Kevin Durant’s second match after Achilles injury. This time his opponent is the Boston Celtics, a team that is always in the top East.

Although it is only the nature of a Preseason game, but the green shirt team does not want to lose when they play at TD Garden’s home field.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are both in impressive form. However, on his next return day, Kevin Durant showed off his top form as an affirmation he was ready to return to top basketball.

From iso, average throw, throws three points, basket dunk are done very lightly by KD. Even in defense, Durant captured 1vs1 and the 3-second area keeper was also extremely confident.

Without a bump, Kevin Durant was back to a smooth return. After 27 minutes of playing, he brought in 25 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks with a shooting efficiency of 56.2%. KD’s three-point throw rate is also 2-5 at 40%.

Partner Kyrie Irving also played impressively on the day back against the old team. He played for 28 minutes and earned himself 17 points, 7 rebounds, 5 asisst, 2 steal and a 3-6 score.

Defeating the Boston Celtics easily with the score 113-89, Brooklyn Nets ended the Preseason with 2 wins and a relatively impressive performance of the pillars.

The first match of the official Brooklyn Nets season will meet again the Boston Celtics on December 26. Let’s wait and see how Kevin Durant will continue to perform when entering the game with different characteristics from Preseason.


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