How to know a reputable football betting house in America

We would like to share with you 5 characteristics to identify a reputable online football bookmaker in the US.

  1. The betting house’s license to operate

Has that dealer been licensed? This is the first and most important thing when choosing the dealer to participate in football betting. A safe and reputable dealer must be licensed under the laws of the host country. When the dealer has this license, the player who partially bets is protected by law.

Even more special, to apply for an operation license, the house must have strong enough economic potential to prove it before the host country government. As for the bookmakers with limited economy, it is difficult to do.

  1. The interface of the dealer

Through the interface and information of the dealer published on the website to identify where the dealer comes from. If the betting house is from Vietnam, it can be said that 99.99% is a fraudulent dealer because Vietnamese law does not license these bookmakers to operate in the country. If a dealer is not licensed to operate publicly then the betting player is at a very high risk. These bookmakers often include informal deposit methods such as: top-up your account via mobile scratch cards, etc.

  1. The domain name of the dealer

The special thing to pay attention to is that the bookmakers have a similar interface to other longtime bookmakers and bookmakers with .vn, .net, .org domain names. The reputable online football bookmakers. usually have a .com domain name.

  1. Great top-up promotions

In order to attract a large number of top-up customers with great promotions such as 125%, 150%, 200% … those are the tricks of the fraudulent house. The reputable bookmakers will always carefully calculate the promotions to be able to balance the interests of the house and attract the number of customers to join and are usually in the range of 30-100%.

  1. 24/7 online support

A reputable and safe dealer will always have 24/7 customer support services, anytime, anywhere with many support ways such as: Online chat at website, support via Viber, Zala, Skype, etc. Whenever a customer needs assistance, it can immediately be connected to a support staff.

In addition, with reputable bookmakers, customer support staff will participate in a well-trained training course to support in the most professional and enthusiastic way. Through the knowledge level of the support staff, this form proves that the dealer invests in its customer care service.

You can try to test by: chatting with staff and cursing a few sentences, making sure that the employees of the reputable dealer never dare to swear back, but only say: “Please use polite words” or something like that.


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