How to bet on MMA and UFC odds

Betting on MMA and UFC odds is one of the top growing markets at online sportsbooks and casinos around the world, especially in the United States.

MMA has a strong fan-base that likes to dive into the action, from the marquee cards on the UFC schedule to betting on UFC Fight Night odds as well as the smaller promotions like Bellator and some other international leagues.

The menu for betting on MMA isn’t as broad as the other sports and options will depend on the magnitude of the bout but most UFC betting options feature three betting types.

1. Odds to win

The most popular way to wager on MMA and UFC odds is to bet on which fighter is going to win the bout. Oddsmakers use head-to-head money lines in order to set these markets, which calculate an implied ability for each fighter and later cost to place that bet or set a corresponding money line.

Some sportsbooks provide a three-way line on fighting odds, with a draw match also being a betting option. However, a draw doesn’t occur usually and therefore it carries a higher potential payout than wagering on which fighter will win.

2. Round totals

Another popular option on MMA and UFC betting are Over/Under round totals, which allows you to wager on when the fight will end.

Depending on the style of the fighters involved, the number of rounds scheduled, and the matchup, the odds makers will set an Over/Under total on the expected number of rounds that will be completed. On top of that, depending on the implied probability of the fight getting that round total, odds makers will set a price for both the Over and Under – also known as the vig or juice.

3. Method of victory props

For those who want to earn a larger payout and get more specific with UFC betting picks, you can choose to wager on a fighter’s method of victory. With this type of betting, the fighter you select has to win the bout as well as win through the method you have chosen.


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