How To Bet On College Football in the United States (part 2)

Parlay Betting

See a few bets you like and want to combine them? Parlays have you covered.

College football parlays betting allow bettors to combine two or more bets into a single ticket and potentially a bigger payout, but you should remember that losing even one of the selections may result in forfeiting all of the money that you have wagered. You need to hit all of your matches on your bet. Losing only one will result in an overall loss.

In most cases, bettors prefer to parlay several moneyline bets or a single moneyline and an over/under bet on the same match, but there’s nothing to stop you from experimenting with some of the more exotic combinations. Please note that parlays are sometimes referred to as accumulators or multipliers.


Betting on futures is becoming a more and more popular type of betting. Futures betting allow bettors to earn money on outcomes down the road, like point production, regular-season wins, and a championship game appearance. These bets, like NCAA college football future wagers, these come with great initial odds, however long-term bets take time and can tie up funds till the outcome is decided. If you are a patient gambler, futures is the way to go. If you need an immediate payoff, a different betting strategy might be for you.

Prop Bets

NCAA college football proposition bets are also mentioned as “props.” These types of bets are simply bets that don’t fall into any broad categories. Props betting range from predicting the performance of a specific player throughout the match or more irreverent wagers like the length of the NCAA National Championship halftime show.

Props can be anything as long as whether the bet occurs during a specific game. Sites offer a different selection of props, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at the available prop markets before signing up for any NCAA-friendly sportsbook.


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