How To Bet On College Football in the United States (part 1)

If you are looking to bet on NCAA football, there are three key options: points spreads, moneylines, and totals. One of the best things about these options is that they aren’t limited to just full games with most sportsbooks offering quarter lines and halftime lines.

Since sports betting has got more mainstream, sports betting sites have started to expand their offerings as futures betting have become commonplace and prop betting has become routine for the college football playoff and bowls games.

Betting on the College Football Point Spread

Point spread betting in college football is great for those who would like to bet on the underdogs when they handicap their favorite team by modifying the overall score. In most cases, this type of betting allows players to profit $100 for each $110 you stake.

Betting on the College Football Moneyline

Betting the moneyline in college football is the most intuitive way of betting real money. In order to cash on an NCAA football moneyline, the only thing you have to is to simply pick the winner. The number of points is irrelevant. The odds for moneyline wagers can be best explained using a $100 basis. While the lines for the underdog teams are marked with an additional sign, the lines for the favorites are always listed with a minus sign.

Betting on NCAA Football Totals

Totals, also over/under bets, are different from point spreads or moneylines, since they require players to predict the combined score of both teams rather than the actual winner. Every over/under bet comes with a total set by the betting site. If you place an over wager, you bet that the combined score of both teams is going to be higher than the total. Conversely, if you place an under wager, you will only win if the combined score is going to lower than the total.


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