Guide to Online Sports Betting In the US (part 2)

What’s the Legalization of Online Sports Betting In the US?

Nevada has been the only state that legalized sports betting and left sports bettors from other states with more under-the-radar approaches to their betting activities. But this is rapidly changing throughout the US after the Supreme Court granted all states the freedom to legalize and regulate sports betting on May 14.

Some states, like Pennsylvania, immediately legalized sports betting after the Supreme Court’s ruling. Meanwhile, some other states are still discussing on getting the full approval for legalized sports betting within their borders – such is the case with some states in the Deep South.

What Are Your Online Sports Betting Options?

Like any other form of betting, online sports betting also has a few common types that you can put your money on. The most popular type of betting is the money line, most indicated for baseball or hockey.

Another frequently occurring type of betting is the over/under bet, simply allowing you to bet on the number of points expected to occur between the two teams. This means that it doesn’t really matter which team wins or loses.

Point spreads are another type of betting you can wager on, particularly if you are betting on hockey or baseball – the way it works is that the chosen team needs to win by more points indicated in the spread and the underdog needs to lose by fewer points than indicated in the spread or win altogether.

Parlays are a type of betting that is similar to point spreads, but they allow punchers to bet on more games at the same time. However, they are a little risky, considering the fact that you will lose them all if you lose one game. People tend to be attracted to this type of betting due to the seemingly greater odds, however, those same odds can usually detract other punters.


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