Guide to Online Sports Betting In the US (part 1)

Betting on sports is an exciting journey all on its own. Regardless of the reasons why you’re interested in pursuing sports betting, you should take note of the background that sports betting has in the US, including the legal status it has in certain states and what some of the most popular and profitable betting options are. Here is a full guide to online sports betting in the US.

1. How to Bet Online On Sports In the US

When talking about sports betting in the US, the most important thing to remember is that not all states that allow sports betting will also allow players to bet online. Some states may require you to go to a land-based casino, while others may allow you to bet online on a myriad of apps, as long as you are anywhere in the state limits. Due to this, betting apps will often use geolocation to ensure every betting activity that is taking place observes local regulations.

In terms of the minimum required age for online sports betting, each state will also have its own standards. With few exceptions in states that allow online betting starting from an age as low as 18, most states will allow this only to bettors that have turned 21.

2. What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet On Online In the US?

This guide shows exactly what people in the US tend to bet the most on, when it comes to sports. The fact shows that football is the sport that leads the way by holding a majority of sports bettors’ interest. Following football, you’ll find that basketball, baseball, horse racing, and soccer are among the most favorite sports among US bettors. Besides these sporting staples, punters also usually bet on boxing or hockey, mixed martial arts, and golf.


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