Guide to Basketball Betting in the US

Betting on basketball is becoming increasingly popular, and bookmakers are all over the scene. Before venturing into this type of betting, it’s important to understand a few things, which we’ll be discussing in this article.

How to Bet on Basketball

The first question to ask yourself is, how do you bet on basketball? Well, the important thing here is to understand the different basketball markets. Listed below are some of the most popular basketball bets to consider.

  • (i) Moneyline basketball betting – This is a basic bet on which team will be the winner either at half time or full time, and there’s also the option of a draw. The odds should guide you on the probability of every result.
  • (ii) Totals – Basketball is a high points game with many NBA games averaging 200 points in total. That gives bookmakers the chance to offer bets on the totals for each team, and the entire game, at different stages.
  • (iii) Future bets – Another popular bet is future bets, and as the name suggests, these are long term bets on particular events. For example, who’s going to be the MVP, All-Star Champions, e.t.c.

The above are just a few among the many basketball bets available. Other worthy mentions include spread bets, handicaps, parlays, and so on.

Where to Bet

Now, not all sportsbooks have basketball betting, so it’s important to check this out first. There are hundreds of bookmakers offering basketball bets but go for renowned brands. Also, do some window shopping and compare the prices.

Basketball betting is not just about knowing how to bet, the betting types, and where to bet. Knowledge of basketball is also crucial in making the right decisions. Make sure to follow the teams and leagues you are betting on, and if not, rely on pundit predictions. Don’t just make wild bets if you want to win.


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