Golden State Warriors postponed because two players were infected with COVID-19

The excitement of the Golden State Warriors’ festival had to receive cold water because COVID-19 suddenly appeared. The identity of the two players infected with COVID-19 was not disclosed.

According to the Golden State Warriors technical director, Mr. Bob Myers, the Golden Gate Bridge team had to postpone joining and training before the 2020-21 season because two players in the team were infected with COVID-19.

The initial plan showed that many players would start training from last night. However, with the complicated developments just happened, Golden State was forced to reschedule the practice to next week.

Currently the identities of 2 people infected with COVID-19 in the Warriors team have been hidden by the team to avoid affecting the privacy of these two players.

At the same time, Mr. Myers also shared that all members (players, coaches, assistants and staff) who worked at the training facility as well as the residence of the Golden State Warriors were tested.

“At this point, we need to take things positively, do our best and keep track of what happens next,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters through the meeting.

In 10 days, Golden State Warriors will have their first friendly match. They hosted the Denver Nuggets on December 13, one of the team’s three preseason matches.

However, 2 cases of COVID-19 infection will most likely cause this series to be canceled if there is an internal spread within the team. Besides, according to some experts, this incident could affect the plan to organize the entire 2020-21 season of the NBA.

Currently, 30 NBA teams will participate in a Regular Season which is shortened to 72 games lasting 6 months. The format of the game will be returned to home – away field instead of playing in the “NBA bubble” at the end of the season.

Many people are concerned about this plan, one of which is the senior coach in NBA – Mr. Doc Rivers.

“I’m afraid it’s very difficult for us to play that season. There are many difficulties and challenges “, the new coach of Philadelphia 76ers shared.

“Basketball is not like football or some other sport when they have a lot of players but only play 1-2 games a week.

We have very few players but we have to play 3-4 times in seven days. A few players are absent because COVID-19 will seriously affect the quality of the tournament and the performance of each team.

There hasn’t been any further information from the NBA at the moment other than that the tournament has just sent out 130-page-thick COVID-19 pandemic safety standards to teams.

It is likely that the NBA will make an official announcement about the Golden State Warriors incident in the near future.


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