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US States Realize Online Sports Betting Potential After COVID-19 lockdown (part 1)


The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed most of the United States for six months, especially the brick-and-mortar businesses. On the other side, that has expedited the push for online businesses and sports betting is not an exception.

There are different reasons behind the move. Some lawmakers have showed safety and health concerns while others were more realistic to the falling revenues for the state and looking for alternative sources of funding.

With the federal government stepping in to offer relief funding, states have pointed out that the best way to control the situation would be to find more money, therefore, sports betting comes in.

Legislative Push for Sports Betting Starts in 2020

Sports betting leagues have been able to return, while the future of most sports betting competition was a big question for most of 2020.

All NFL franchises has come back to play, even though the American Gaming Association (AGA) expects that there are only 33.2 million sports bettors this year, below the 40 million who placed a bet during the 2019/20 season.

Meanwhile, both the NBA and NHL have been able to resume their seasons. They have transitioned into the playoffs and shaved off a number of teams.

The return of sports events has been a success, particularly amid a global health pandemic. Although all organizations enhanced safety measures and protocols, many athletes have chosen to opt out of playing this year. And legislators from across the country have been pushing for the introduction of working sports betting legislation.

The state of Massachusetts is one of the first states to have tried and introduced sports betting. However, it will have to do some things before the legislation can pass the State Senate, objected to language involving collegiate sports betting.

In July, the state of California also resumed the legislation push for the Sunny State’s sports betting industry. They are doing things to put the question up on the November ballot.

How to know a reputable football betting house in America

We would like to share with you 5 characteristics to identify a reputable online football bookmaker in the US.

  1. The betting house’s license to operate

Has that dealer been licensed? This is the first and most important thing when choosing the dealer to participate in football betting. A safe and reputable dealer must be licensed under the laws of the host country. When the dealer has this license, the player who partially bets is protected by law.

Even more special, to apply for an operation license, the house must have strong enough economic potential to prove it before the host country government. As for the bookmakers with limited economy, it is difficult to do.

  1. The interface of the dealer

Through the interface and information of the dealer published on the website to identify where the dealer comes from. If the betting house is from Vietnam, it can be said that 99.99% is a fraudulent dealer because Vietnamese law does not license these bookmakers to operate in the country. If a dealer is not licensed to operate publicly then the betting player is at a very high risk. These bookmakers often include informal deposit methods such as: top-up your account via mobile scratch cards, etc.

  1. The domain name of the dealer

The special thing to pay attention to is that the bookmakers have a similar interface to other longtime bookmakers and bookmakers with .vn, .net, .org domain names. The reputable online football bookmakers. usually have a .com domain name.

  1. Great top-up promotions

In order to attract a large number of top-up customers with great promotions such as 125%, 150%, 200% … those are the tricks of the fraudulent house. The reputable bookmakers will always carefully calculate the promotions to be able to balance the interests of the house and attract the number of customers to join and are usually in the range of 30-100%.

  1. 24/7 online support

A reputable and safe dealer will always have 24/7 customer support services, anytime, anywhere with many support ways such as: Online chat at website, support via Viber, Zala, Skype, etc. Whenever a customer needs assistance, it can immediately be connected to a support staff.

In addition, with reputable bookmakers, customer support staff will participate in a well-trained training course to support in the most professional and enthusiastic way. Through the knowledge level of the support staff, this form proves that the dealer invests in its customer care service.

You can try to test by: chatting with staff and cursing a few sentences, making sure that the employees of the reputable dealer never dare to swear back, but only say: “Please use polite words” or something like that.

Six best United States-friendly online bookmakers for sports betting (part 3)


MyBookies opened its virtual doors in August 2014. The US betting waited two years before adding this bookmaker as an approved sportsbook. This means that they stuck to high standards of service and they do. Up to now, the sportbook has become a trusted online bookie for Americans with all states being accepted. Although it may be a newcomer in the world of sports betting but its management team have been working in the industry for more than two decades.

MyBookie also accepts other countries, but the look and feel is typically North American, which is its target market. Therefore, all USA sports bettors can join up and expect the same high quality that you can receive from the other leading betting companies on this list.

If you deposit $100 or more to start with, MyBookie offers bonuses of 50% up to $1000. If you deposit less that $100, it is 25% extra. Ensure that you check the terms on their site and the usual rollover requirements before picking the welcome bonus. There are also reload bonuses for existing customers as well as rebates on the racebook. Their deposit and payout options are quite good and you can use cryptocurrencies.

SportsBetting has been a trusted offshore sportsbook since the excellent BetOnline took over the management in 2012. Now this is a firm favorite among American bettors.

SportsBetting offer pretty big welcome bonus at 50% up to $1000 or you can also get 25% up to $1000 on reloads. It offers online betting markets on all events, competing impressively with other longer established operators in this industry.

There are no restrictions on US states that can participate in. The only country restriction is the one that  they are legally licensed in, Panama. They are certainly worth trying out since payout times are good, even if you have other betting accounts. All regular bettors should have some bookies’ accounts to get best odds on their betting picks.


Six best United States-friendly online bookmakers for sports betting (part 2)

One of the first online sportsbooks, is famous for fairness and accepting large wagers. Unlike many other bookies, they don’t limit players. They also offer a good choice for smaller clients.

Its design is simple, helping users to use easier with fast speed of navigation. Currently, they offer a welcome bonus option: 15 percent cash bonus up to $600 with 5 x rollover requirement on deposit and bonus in total. This is a cash bonus, which is good for customers. also provides reload bonuses, which you can use for your later deposits if you want to. There is a 50 percent casino bonus up to $1000 with 40 x turnover. The terms are stated on their website and bonuses are optional. This website accepts players from all states of the U.S.. They only restrict players from some countries such as France and Costa Rica, where they are located. The cashier system is good, too. Therefore, this is a good option for Canadians and Americans as well.


BetOnline is another great casino, sports, and poker site for the U.S. betting markets. It covers all US sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAAF, golf, boxing, and so much more.

BetOnline provides customers with the option of a 50 percent first deposit bonus up to $1000 and later an extra 25 percent on every deposit they ever make after that up to $1000 a time. If players choose to take up the offers, they need to kepe in mind that there is a 15 x rollover requirement on the first bonus as well as 6 x for the reloads offer. This applies to deposits in Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Dash.

The great thing about BetOnline is that they accept customers from all US states without any annoying exception. For other nationalities, they offer the same excellent service so it is a good sportsbook for not only Americans but players from all other countries.

What mentality makes players lose when betting ?

Why most players when playing online football betting on mobile? A bad rating is not necessarily the final deciding factor, but the main reason is psychology. So what is the main mentality that makes players lose their bets?

Online betting and betting players have two psychological factors that seem completely opposite to each other, that is when entering this activity need to have a positive attitude, but also need to be motivated. The positive attitude is that players are not allowed to fall, bitterly, recognize the betting in extreme ways, and place a great desire to get better at it day after night. At the same time, if we are faced with failures, we must not be discouraged, must boldly look into reality to draw experience and step by step to overcome.

However, bettors also need to be motivated to make money. Once the action with the goal becomes clear, players will easily concretize their moves, they know they are entering an investment activity, so they need to quit. the amount of time, effort, and money to achieve victory in the long run. Making money is the betting goal of many people, it is no longer unfamiliar, unless the player only comes to betting with entertainment purposes without thinking about winning or losing. Either way, players also need to be aware that the motive to make money needs to adhere to a positive attitude, because once players have the right attitude, take the time to learn from experience, they will easily get the profit, to meet the goal of making more money.

Betting can be an activity that helps players make money quickly, but at the same time can also make them “empty-handed” when losing. These results depend on each individual’s opinion of the game, how to play as well as the use of funds. If you really want to make long-term money, bettors need to see this activity as a form of calculated investment, not merely based on chance.

Six best United States-friendly online bookmakers for sports betting (part 1)

With the return of NFL football and the Kentucky Derby, September is a great time to sign up with one of the best sportsbooks in the United States. Before taking on the offshore odds setters, check out this list of six best United States-friendly online bookmakers for sports betting.


Bovada Sportsbook is the top-rated online sportsbook, casino, and poker in the US. Its one-stop-shop account allows users to play in their online sports betting section and casino with just one account. However, it doesn’t accept US residents from Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, and Maryland states. Bovada offers a 50% deposit bonus to new clients without any code needed since you simply redeem this offer through your account. If you are depositing using Bitcoin, this bonus becomes 75% up to $750.

Bovada Sportsbook covers all markets such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and many more. Originally, Bovada was the Bodog US, the leader in the American betting market for 20 years but then left the American market and since 2011the Bovada brand has been launched in its place to carry on that excellent service. Canadians can join Bodog but they can’t join Bovada since it is for United States players only and doesn’t allow other nationalities to join. Bovada is the best option for US players and is strongly recommended.


Intertops accepts USA players to use all their products. Apart from these restricted American states: New York, Washington, Missouri, Louisiana, New Jersey, Maryland, and Kentucky, all other US residents and other nationalities can join it. In 1996, Intertops became the first company to accept online betting. And they are still available here up to now with an unblemished record of good service. It is widely considered as an honest and fair operator.

For those who are interested in the promotional sign-up offers, Intertops offers three options: 200% up to $50 bonus; 100% up to $100,  and 50% up to $200 extra.

What is sports betting? Popular subjects to bet in the USA! (Part 4)

Tennis betting in the USA

Next, Tennis is a sport called “Nobility”, it is called as it is because the rich are very passionate about it. Of course, tennis tournaments do not distinguish the rich or the poor. In addition, it is also interesting and interesting betting.

  • Open bet: Predict the final result of the match to see which team wins and which team loses.
  • Handicap: After the match is over, the upper (ie the stronger person) must accept the under door one set. 
  • Number of games betting: The dealer will give a specific number (This number represents the game). If the player bets on the total number of games greater than the number shown by the dealer, it is the over bet. The lower total is the under bet.
  • Parity bet: This bet type is very simple, players only need to guess whether the total number of games is an even or odd number. The payout rate depends on the dealer.
  • First Winner Betting: This bet requires players to have a true understanding of Tennis, especially knowing the player to make the most accurate judgment.

In addition, there are so many sports that the online casino player can bet on such as tennis, badminton, hockey, track and field, boxing, cycling, bat ball, baseball, and rugby, etc. Ideally, players should choose for themselves a reputable dealer and find out which sports there are most players participating in.

So we know what sports betting is? What subjects are there? Currently, the sports betting market is growing strongly. Most bookmakers also integrate multiple sets of tissues. We can mention a few typical dealers such as FB88, K8, W88, M88,…

To achieve the best betting effect, the player must have the knowledge, understanding about sports to make judgments. Besides, it is also necessary to thoroughly study all types of bets that the house offers.

Sports Events That People Most Bet On (part 2)

Kentucky Derby

In terms of sports betting, in addition to soccer, football, and basketball, horse racing is also one of the most popular betting options in many parts of the world, Particularly, the American sports betting culture always includes this.

Among the most famous horse racing events, the Kentucky Derby, an annual horse race in Louisville Kentucky, is the top event that people most wager on in the US. This year’s version was planned to take place on the first Saturday of May as usual. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event is rescheduled to September 5 and is surely something that many people are looking for after the postponement of many sports events in the industry.

The FIFA World Cup

Football is the king of sports and also the most wagered sports across the globe. In terms of the most wagered on football or soccer event, the answer is always the FIFA World Cup, which only happens every four years with the last edition having taken place in 2018.

Statistics show that there are more than three billion people who watch this huge event and this number doesn’t just include casual viewers, who follow football in the EU. It is also estimated that more than 130 billion dollars are spent to bet on this event each year.

The World Series

It is not enough without baseball when mentioning sports betting in the US. The sport is also extremely popular in the US and Canada as well with the World Series one of the biggest baseball events each year. This is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB) and is usually held during the fall season in Northern America.

In 2020, the World Series was planned to start on July 23 and end on September 27. However, due to the global health crisis, it will be shortened and each team joining the series will only play 60 regular-season games.

Sports Events That People Most Bet On (part 1)

In the United States, sports betting industry has become stronger than ever before, accepting more than a hundred billion dollars of wagers from its locals alone. Experts predict that this industry keeps growing in the next few years, despite what it has gone through in the last few months.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has strongly impacted many industries and the sports industry is not an exception with so many major and minor sports events canceled or postponed recently. Due to the lack of sports events, the betting industry suffered quite a bit.

The bright news is that many sports events has returned since June. For example, The English Premier League has already been back on and fans now can enjoy their favorite sports again. Many of them can place their bets on sports once again, such as the EPL.

However, in terms of betting, there are only a few sports events that people usually watch and spend money on wagering. Here are the most wagered sports events in the US.

March Madness

Commonly taking place from the second week of March until the first week of April, March Madness is a sports event for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)’s men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments.

This sports event is considered as the most wagered sports event in the US with more people placing bets on it compared to the NFL matches and even the Super Bowl. The name March Madness describes the excitement that the event brings in the US each year.

The Super Bowl

Super Bowl, the most-watched one-day sports event worldwide, is the championship round or game of the National Football League (NFL) that usually takes place in early February and  has an average of 104.3 million viewers every year. The 2018 edition was broadcasted in more than 170 countries around the world.

It is interesting that the Super Bowl’s popularity is extended to non-football fans. Even for those who are not fans of the NFL, they are likely to have heard of it thanks to its celebrity guests, food, and commercials involved in. It is estimated that the Americans alone would bet more than 20 billion dollars for this event each year.

What is sports betting? Popular subjects to bet in the USA! (Part 2)

Features of sports betting

Sports betting always has its own characteristics. Therefore, this is always the most interesting form of betting. Here are some of the unique characteristics of this entertaining game:

  • Sports betting always makes players feel stressed, nervous, excited. During the betting process, you must wait for the progress of each sports match to complete. At this point, you will have a win-lose assessment.
  • Sports betting is one thing different from the forms of online card games. It is the dealer that does not need to show cards, shuffle discs. All fluctuations of the match happened completely naturally. The dealer itself does not know what will be the winner, and what will be the loser.
  • Sports betting includes many different games to choose from. Such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer….
  • For each sport there are different sets of bets. Usually, the types of bets on sports are varied, varied, and the payout ratio is high.
  • The online bookmakers also offer e-sports betting. Those are bullfights that are played by gamers. Virtual soccer, for example, is similar to real sports betting. However, the match was not played on the field in real life, but by the players participating in the competition over the internet.
  • In order to play sports betting effectively, players need to have knowledge and understanding of the sport. This is the factor that helps you to judge and make the most accurate judgment.

What sports betting includes?

With that said, sports betting covers a wide variety of disciplines. Depending on each dealer, they integrate different sports. In general, however, football betting is probably the most popular sport. Virtually every house offers a series of odds for this king sport.

We can refer to some typical games such as:

Football betting

Football betting players will be based on the happenings, the results of a soccer match to see the results of their bets. Players will use the real money that they deposit into the dealer as an asset to bet on the win or loss of a football match. The reason football accounts for the largest number of players is because football fans are much larger than other sports. This is also a competition that takes place continuously, often with a large scale.

Common types of football betting odds:

  • Asian Handicap: This is the handicap type, usually abbreviated with the HDP symbol on the house’s betting sheet. In Asian Handicap there will be the upper team handicap the underdog with a specific number of balls updated such as left half, one left, …
  • Handicap: Players will bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams. Based on the number of goals given by the dealer, players predict whether the actual result is higher (Over) or lower (Under).
  • European Bet: In this type of handicap, player selects to either win, lose or predict the draw result.