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Football Prediction: Liverpool vs Leicester City

In the context of the squad falling apart because of the chipping force, Liverpool will have to face an extremely difficult test called Leicester City.

It can be said that Liverpool is the club that has suffered the most damage in terms of force in all of Europe at the moment. It is likely that in the match tonight, the Anfield team will lose half of the main team. In defense, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk and Joe Gomez will definitely not play. In midfield, Fabinho and Thiago will wait until the last minute to know if they are fit to play or not. Meanwhile, one of Liverpool’s three triangles in attack, Mohamed Salah, has to quarantine himself because of Covid-19.

However, instead of lamenting, coach Jurgen Klopp is looking for ways to adapt to the current difficult conditions. Most likely, he will trust the young duo Williams and Phillips in the defense of the match tonight. Meanwhile, James Milner will be selected to fill Thiago’s position in the midfield.

Difficulty for Liverpool is everyone sees, especially when the rival of the port city team tonight is Leicester City. The foxes are in extremely high form at the moment with 6 consecutive victories in all competitions. Easily recognized after two salty defeats against West Ham and Wolverhampton, coach Brendan Rodgers decided to apply a defensive counterattack tactic as the main weapon for Leicester and this was effective. With the speed of Jamie Vardy and the sharp passes from the midfield, Leicester is more than capable of hurting Liverpool’s rather “broken” defense in this match.

If you can choose the best strategy for Liverpool at this moment, perhaps coach Jurgen Klopp should decide to compensate. The spearheads of the home team like Diogo Jota or Sadio Mane are still achieving a pretty good drop point and they can fully make up for the holes in the back for their teammates. However, it will not be easy for Liverpool to win all 3 points in this match because Leicester has never been a team that is easily broken because of pre-emptive pressure.

Prediction of football results: Liverpool 2-2 Leicester City.

Bets turned to bet heavily on the possibility of Trump winning the election

The US presidential election betting market began to have a drastic change in the direction of betting more on the possibility of Mr. Trump winning.

The UK betting platform Smartket is betting 55% on Trump’s chance of winning, compared with just 39% at the time of the opening.

The US presidential election betting market has begun to change strongly in the direction of betting more on the possibility of Republican candidate Donald Trump winning a second term, Reuters news agency said.

The UK betting platform Smartket is betting 55% on Trump’s chance of winning, compared with just 39% at the time of the opening. Sometimes, the bet on Mr. Trump is up to 80%.

By contrast, the bet on Mr. Biden on Smartket dropped to 45% from the original 61%.

This correlation change “was mainly due to Trump’s victory in Florida, an important battlefield state,” said Patrick Flynn, analyst at Smartkets. According to the analyst, the end result is likely to depend heavily on unregistered votes in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona.

Betfair bookmakers in the UK are betting on a 75% chance of Trump winning Biden, from 39% in the morning of November 3. In particular, the bet on Mr. Biden reduced to 25% from 61%.

“Mr. Trump has made a major step forward in terms of votes, it shows tonight could be a troubling night for Mr. Biden,” Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom said.

PredictIt forecasting site in New Zealand said that Trump’s chance of winning is 63%, compared with 37% of Mr. Biden, from a 61% -44% correlation in favor of Mr. Biden on 2/11.

According to Ms. Deeley, elections officials are waiting for the live ballot data reported by each district to be entered into the system, and then reporting the number of ballots by mail. Reporting delays in the number of direct votes in some areas, especially in the west of the city, has slowed overall results, Deeley said.