BettorEdge Launches New Sports Betting Platform in the US

BettorEdge launches a new sports betting platform in the US – legal in more than 40 states. BettorEdge is different from traditional Sportsbook. It is an online marketplace specialized in providing a fair experience with no-vig sports wagering.

Inspired by the stock exchange, BettorEdge was created with the aim of democratizing sports betting. The company has recently completed a round of angel funding, which helped them be able to launch into the US market in October 2020.

Since BettorEdge doesn’t take a portion or set lines of each bet, proceeds aren’t subjected to the same regulations as other betting sites. BettorEdge are different from bookmakers due to:

  • Eliminating the juice: No fees are collected when players place a bet, which gives up to at least 10 percent, in profits back to the bettors.
  • Making up a fair market: Like in stock prices, buyers and sellers can set their own fair market price.
  • Providing proper tools: Tools, analytics, and other user-friendly features can help users make informed decisions.

In addition to using the app to bet, users are allowed to build a following or follow their favorite bettors to see the performance of bettors transparently over time. These social features are aimed to provide camaraderie amongst online betting members. Users can wager on current or upcoming sports across NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA MB, NCAA FB, and PGA.

With one platform to place bets, follow friends, and track performance, BettorEdge can provide an end-to-end experience with the gamblers in mind and has been bringing no-vig sports betting to the masses.

In 2019, BettorEdge was founded in a University of Minnesota SportRadar Innovation Challenge. Three Iowa natives had a vision of creating a platform for no-vig sports betting that is legal in the US. Offering a fair market, providing analytics, and creating a seamless social community, BettorEdge has a strong emphasis on giving the edge to the bettors.


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