A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Boxing

Boxing is among the big-money sports today with top athletes raking in millions of dollars from a single match. It is also a favorite when it comes to betting, both for the bookmakers and punters. In this article, we have shared several essential things you need to be aware of before betting on boxing.

How to Bet on Boxing

Betting on boxing isn’t as hard as stepping in the ring. You will need a little knowledge of the sport, especially how a boxing bout can be ended. Below are the typical outcomes:

  • Unanimous decision
  • Disqualification
  • Technical decision
  • Knockout
  • Technical knockout

The next thing to know is the types of bets you can find in boxing. Below are the most popular boxing markets:

  • (a) Bout betting – Decide the winner, or call out a draw
  • (b) Over / Under round – Will the bout exceed a proposed number of rounds?
  • (c) Method of victory – How will the winner claim victory?
  • (d) Fight to go the Distance – Will the fight end before the stipulated time?

The above are just some examples among the vast boxing markets. Other worthy mentions include round betting, group round betting, bout betting, etc.

Understanding Boxing Odds

Odds are basically a representation of probability. The higher the odds, the less likely the event to happen, and if it happens, you reap big. On the other hand, lower odds indicate a higher likelihood of the event to happen and attract lesser winnings.

Where to Bet on Boxing

Not all bookmakers offer the same boxing odds, so it will be necessary to scout for sites with higher odds. Also, look at the variety of markets on offer. The household names are known for offering the best odds, and the most extensive variety of markets, including round betting.

There you have it folks, a beginner’s guide to betting on boxing. Besides knowing how to bet, it’s important to research the fighters to make the right decisions.


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