The biggest online sports betting names in the US

It is difficult to pick an individual brand that will come out on top in the sports betting arena in the US.  Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, each state now has the opportunity to legalize sports betting, maybe at a specific venue, such as a brick and mortar casino, online casino, or a combination of both.

However, there are several states that have been more active than the others, resulting in making it difficult to judge overall competition across the US. For example, in Illinois, there are four different sportsbooks available now, including BetRivers, William Hill, PointsBet, and DraftKings. Particularly, BetRivers Illinois is an outstanding example of a casino brand that has come out on top in the US sports betting arena. This brand is not only available in Illinois but also in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Indiana, as well as has a pending license to operate in Michigan.

In addition, BetRivers have all the necessary licensing to operate in the US. Its mobile app also has made great strides, offering betting on a wide variety of sports, including Baseball, Cricket, Basketball, NFL, NCAA Football, Cycling, Tennis, Boxing, Motorsports, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby Union, Australian Rules, Darts, Golf, and MMA.

The BetRivers app is operated by Rush Street Interactive, the first sports betting mobile brand to offer live streaming of sports events in the US. It is easy to see the reasons why the BetRivers sportsbook app has been so popular in the US. It provides players with a tempting bonus and accepts a good selection of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayNearMe, and Play+ Prepaid card.

However, BetRivers is not the only brand attempting to come out on top in the US sports betting arena. The company faces a lot of competition from some of the biggest online sports betting names in the world, including 888Sport, FanDuel, DraftKings, William Hill, BetAmerica, Unibet, Bet365, and PointsBet. The race is certainly hotting up day by day.

Kevin Durant continued to glow to engulf the Boston Celtics

Kevin Durant’s second match after 17 months of injury, he showed even more outstanding and impressive performance than the first match.

The highlight of the NBA Preseason series on December 19 was Kevin Durant’s second match after Achilles injury. This time his opponent is the Boston Celtics, a team that is always in the top East.

Although it is only the nature of a Preseason game, but the green shirt team does not want to lose when they play at TD Garden’s home field.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are both in impressive form. However, on his next return day, Kevin Durant showed off his top form as an affirmation he was ready to return to top basketball.

From iso, average throw, throws three points, basket dunk are done very lightly by KD. Even in defense, Durant captured 1vs1 and the 3-second area keeper was also extremely confident.

Without a bump, Kevin Durant was back to a smooth return. After 27 minutes of playing, he brought in 25 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks with a shooting efficiency of 56.2%. KD’s three-point throw rate is also 2-5 at 40%.

Partner Kyrie Irving also played impressively on the day back against the old team. He played for 28 minutes and earned himself 17 points, 7 rebounds, 5 asisst, 2 steal and a 3-6 score.

Defeating the Boston Celtics easily with the score 113-89, Brooklyn Nets ended the Preseason with 2 wins and a relatively impressive performance of the pillars.

The first match of the official Brooklyn Nets season will meet again the Boston Celtics on December 26. Let’s wait and see how Kevin Durant will continue to perform when entering the game with different characteristics from Preseason.

BettorEdge Launches New Sports Betting Platform in the US

BettorEdge launches a new sports betting platform in the US – legal in more than 40 states. BettorEdge is different from traditional Sportsbook. It is an online marketplace specialized in providing a fair experience with no-vig sports wagering.

Inspired by the stock exchange, BettorEdge was created with the aim of democratizing sports betting. The company has recently completed a round of angel funding, which helped them be able to launch into the US market in October 2020.

Since BettorEdge doesn’t take a portion or set lines of each bet, proceeds aren’t subjected to the same regulations as other betting sites. BettorEdge are different from bookmakers due to:

  • Eliminating the juice: No fees are collected when players place a bet, which gives up to at least 10 percent, in profits back to the bettors.
  • Making up a fair market: Like in stock prices, buyers and sellers can set their own fair market price.
  • Providing proper tools: Tools, analytics, and other user-friendly features can help users make informed decisions.

In addition to using the app to bet, users are allowed to build a following or follow their favorite bettors to see the performance of bettors transparently over time. These social features are aimed to provide camaraderie amongst online betting members. Users can wager on current or upcoming sports across NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA MB, NCAA FB, and PGA.

With one platform to place bets, follow friends, and track performance, BettorEdge can provide an end-to-end experience with the gamblers in mind and has been bringing no-vig sports betting to the masses.

In 2019, BettorEdge was founded in a University of Minnesota SportRadar Innovation Challenge. Three Iowa natives had a vision of creating a platform for no-vig sports betting that is legal in the US. Offering a fair market, providing analytics, and creating a seamless social community, BettorEdge has a strong emphasis on giving the edge to the bettors.

Top six tips to succeed in sports betting (part 2)

Think of the less obvious market

Instead of betting on popular sports, you can give the less crowded a try. This will not only increase your chances, but will also give you an idea of ​​how the market is performing.

Plus, if you feel confident about saying one game, say football with the EPL, in particular. Now, think of the match between Manchester City and Leicester City. Although they both stand near the table, one can feel uncomfortable betting on Leicester City playing Man City. In that case, you can always look at the players individually. For example, Jamie Vary is currently the top scorer in the EPL, so betting on him would be a good safe choice.

Avoid temptation

Whether in football, cricket or tennis, we have all seen events where we see conflicts between well-known teams or people and new faces. Usually, in these cases, everyone, whether the gambler or the spectator is tempted to choose the first one.

But over and over again, sports have shown us what to expect. Underdogs have proven to be deadly, if not more. So, the next time you are tempted to bet on favorites, do your research on underdogs and understand both sides. When you are done with your research, choose wisely.

Do not follow your heart

“Follow your heart!” it’s as good as that quote, but it doesn’t work everywhere, certainly not in a betting situation. After all, when a game belongs to your favorite team, it is understandable that you helped us. But do not let your emotions control you.

Understand your enemy, weigh the pros and cons of both teams and place your bet, even if it contradicts your favorite team.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before coming to the world of sports betting. Now, just start to enjoy your betting experience.

Football judgment of Crystal Palace vs Liverpool: Lightheaded after great victory, watch out for a shock

Liverpool took first place after defeating Tottenham, but Crystal Palace defeated MU & drew Tottenham this season.

Crystal Palace welcomes defending champions Liverpool to Selhurst Park in the earliest match of the 14th round of the Premier League, and this will be a match that will test whether Liverpool can maintain a winning form. They have just won a big 2-1 victory over Tottenham to recapture the top of the group, but there is still concern about home form.

Crystal Palace has only won 1/5 of the last Premier League game and the question of which face of Palace will appear on Saturday night is unpredictable. Their home form is very unstable with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, they are much better than last season in terms of scoring but after 13 rounds, they have yet to keep a clean sheet.

Liverpool came to meet Palace in the context that they did not win on away field for 3 months, with 5 matches in that series. Coach Jurgen Klopp’s team is capable of the 5th consecutive draw on away field, a series of matches they have never experienced since the end of 1991 when the Premier League was not born.

That is not to mention this match against Palace will take place on Saturday, just 2 days after they have just played Tottenham, as if the Premier League schedule deliberately drowned the defending champion. However, Selhurst Park is a good land for the red shirt team, they have won all the last 5 times, not to mention the last 13 away games in London Liverpool lost only once.

The good news for Liverpool is that Joel Matip and Naby Keita have returned to normal training and can play, while some other players have started to practice lightly even though they cannot play and the list of losses is still long. . Curtis Jones and Sadio Mane can be given a break, Jones has played very well over time but has played quite a few games, while Mane is going through 8 consecutive rounds without scoring.

Palace attackers have played well, but in this round they will lose Christian Benteke due to suspension, while Connor Wickham continues to be injured and Michy Batshuayi is also losing his form despite being well. Palace squad is expected to have many changes after the match in the middle of the week.

Palace is capable of shocking strong opponents and they have won MU and Tottenham from the beginning of the season, so Liverpool may face many difficulties. However, it depends on the effectiveness of the attack, because their defense is not good and it will be difficult to stop the visitors.

Prediction: Liverpool won 2-1.

Sports Gambling drives the US gaming recovery

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released their new update on Commercial Gaming Sales Tracker, which shows the ongoing recovery of the market by 6.3 percent from September to October.

The study highlights some key results, in particular gaming sales of $3,38 billion, equal to 93% of October 2019 revenues. Six states—Colorado, Iowa, NJ, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota—were largely motivated by heavy sport betting and igamation in October 2019.

It also noted that Americans are expected to have invested over $3 billion on football, making legal sports betting in the history of the United States the biggest month.

October is potentially the best month in the history of legal sports as Americans have bet at least 2.82 trillion dollars on sports across 17 Member States and the District of Colombia. (It is estimated that this figure will reach $3 billion since the October Study for Illi was published

The study reveals that in all but two Member States, sportsbooks accepted more money than in every previous month in October for sports betting. Although Nevada posted an all-time state handle, for the third consecutive month, New Jersey smashed the national handle record. Global sports betting handles rose 48 percent in the first ten months of 2020, while revenues increased 33 percent during the same timeframe of 2019.

After the historic low point of April, October was the sixth consecutive month of recovery for the trade gaming market. Virtually every jurisdiction for commercial gaming showed strong evidence of continued recovery in October, even though its power, game availability and gaming facilities are still small.

Ohio posted a fourth year-over-year rise in gaming revenue, with sales increases in South Dakota in the past 5 months each. Operating good sport betting and igamation success also saw sales increases in Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in October 2019. All but four of the other commercial gaming jurisdictions posted either increased profits or decreased sales from September on a year-over-year basis.

Though sports betting and igaming are the most noticeable forces behind the recovery of gaming, legacy gaming still strengthens month after month. Slots and table games combined GGR grew by 3.4 percent in October from September to 2.98 billion USD, which is 86.6 percent from October 2019 in the market.

Top six tips to succeed in sports betting (part 1)

Gambling is the art of uncertainty, where you spend money but don’t know whether you will take back anything valuable. That is also the case of sports betting. Certainly, it needs luck to succeed, but there are some things that can help you reduce the risks and makes gambling a rather fun and thrilling experience. Here are top six tips that all gamblers must keep in mind to succeed in sports betting.

Understand your sports as much as possible

It is important to research about the sport you want to place bets in. For example, if you are looking forward to betting on football, don’t concentrate on a team that is on a winning streak, instead, do research about their style of play and whether they kept the possession. In terms of betting on cricket, find out whether the captain is in sync with the coach. When it comes to individual sports such as tennis, study the experience of the player in the kind of field on his recent wins.

In general, what you need to remember is that most of these details may seem irrelevant, but they all together create an environment that is a must-know for anyone who wants to be successful bettors.

Don’t always count on the favorites

In normal games, the favorites can almost be predicted. But there are cases that the underdogs have won the favorites and snatched the victory from them.

One such example is in the 2010 World Cup, when Argentina were the favorites but finally, Spain lifted the cup.

Know your options

Don’t just follow one bookmaker where you are made to believe that they are creating the best offer for you. Although in the betting industry, brand loyalty is highly propagated, it is worth looking around and find the options for yourself. You may find better options as the betting industry is vast.

Golden State Warriors postponed because two players were infected with COVID-19

The excitement of the Golden State Warriors’ festival had to receive cold water because COVID-19 suddenly appeared. The identity of the two players infected with COVID-19 was not disclosed.

According to the Golden State Warriors technical director, Mr. Bob Myers, the Golden Gate Bridge team had to postpone joining and training before the 2020-21 season because two players in the team were infected with COVID-19.

The initial plan showed that many players would start training from last night. However, with the complicated developments just happened, Golden State was forced to reschedule the practice to next week.

Currently the identities of 2 people infected with COVID-19 in the Warriors team have been hidden by the team to avoid affecting the privacy of these two players.

At the same time, Mr. Myers also shared that all members (players, coaches, assistants and staff) who worked at the training facility as well as the residence of the Golden State Warriors were tested.

“At this point, we need to take things positively, do our best and keep track of what happens next,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters through the meeting.

In 10 days, Golden State Warriors will have their first friendly match. They hosted the Denver Nuggets on December 13, one of the team’s three preseason matches.

However, 2 cases of COVID-19 infection will most likely cause this series to be canceled if there is an internal spread within the team. Besides, according to some experts, this incident could affect the plan to organize the entire 2020-21 season of the NBA.

Currently, 30 NBA teams will participate in a Regular Season which is shortened to 72 games lasting 6 months. The format of the game will be returned to home – away field instead of playing in the “NBA bubble” at the end of the season.

Many people are concerned about this plan, one of which is the senior coach in NBA – Mr. Doc Rivers.

“I’m afraid it’s very difficult for us to play that season. There are many difficulties and challenges “, the new coach of Philadelphia 76ers shared.

“Basketball is not like football or some other sport when they have a lot of players but only play 1-2 games a week.

We have very few players but we have to play 3-4 times in seven days. A few players are absent because COVID-19 will seriously affect the quality of the tournament and the performance of each team.

There hasn’t been any further information from the NBA at the moment other than that the tournament has just sent out 130-page-thick COVID-19 pandemic safety standards to teams.

It is likely that the NBA will make an official announcement about the Golden State Warriors incident in the near future.

The Best Legal Sports Betting Apps for the US (part 3)

888Sports USA

With this app, players can bet instantly on thousands of events by choosing from the markets of live and pre-match bets from almost any sport and even non-sporting event.

888Sports includes a welcome bonus and possible match bonus when you sign up. It also offers one of the most competitive betting odds in the US. This mobile app is most famous for in-game betting. They have dynamic odds, real-time stats, and enhanced visuals of live events that allow players to easily control all of their live betting action.

They offer various sports, some of the most popular are College Baseball, Soccer, Boxing, NCAA Football, Motor Racing, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, MLB, CFL, WNBA, MMA, NFL, NHL, NBA. They also cover non-sports events such as political campaigns and elections.

BetAmerica Sportsbook

This app has been in the legal horse betting scene for quite a long time and rolled out their online sports betting app in 2019 in New Jersey. In terms of sports, sports bets, and casino games, this app offers a wide variety of options.

When signing up with BetAmerica for the first time, you will be offered a 100% match on deposits up to $500. For your first live sports bet, there is a $20 bonus. Many types of bets, such as Spreads, Prop Bets, Futures, Straight bets, Parlays, and loads of live bets are available in almost any sport.

TVG Horse Betting App

When it comes to online horse betting, TVG is one of the biggest names. Its app offers a variety of options for placing bets. Signing up for this app, you will have the chance to get a bonus of up to $300 on your very first bet.

TVG horse betting app features race replays and past performances, improved handicapping scores, free race alerts, as well as free HD streaming of TVG networks. You can bet on almost any of the US-based races, from the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes to the Breeders Cup Festival.

Football Prediction: Liverpool vs Leicester City

In the context of the squad falling apart because of the chipping force, Liverpool will have to face an extremely difficult test called Leicester City.

It can be said that Liverpool is the club that has suffered the most damage in terms of force in all of Europe at the moment. It is likely that in the match tonight, the Anfield team will lose half of the main team. In defense, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk and Joe Gomez will definitely not play. In midfield, Fabinho and Thiago will wait until the last minute to know if they are fit to play or not. Meanwhile, one of Liverpool’s three triangles in attack, Mohamed Salah, has to quarantine himself because of Covid-19.

However, instead of lamenting, coach Jurgen Klopp is looking for ways to adapt to the current difficult conditions. Most likely, he will trust the young duo Williams and Phillips in the defense of the match tonight. Meanwhile, James Milner will be selected to fill Thiago’s position in the midfield.

Difficulty for Liverpool is everyone sees, especially when the rival of the port city team tonight is Leicester City. The foxes are in extremely high form at the moment with 6 consecutive victories in all competitions. Easily recognized after two salty defeats against West Ham and Wolverhampton, coach Brendan Rodgers decided to apply a defensive counterattack tactic as the main weapon for Leicester and this was effective. With the speed of Jamie Vardy and the sharp passes from the midfield, Leicester is more than capable of hurting Liverpool’s rather “broken” defense in this match.

If you can choose the best strategy for Liverpool at this moment, perhaps coach Jurgen Klopp should decide to compensate. The spearheads of the home team like Diogo Jota or Sadio Mane are still achieving a pretty good drop point and they can fully make up for the holes in the back for their teammates. However, it will not be easy for Liverpool to win all 3 points in this match because Leicester has never been a team that is easily broken because of pre-emptive pressure.

Prediction of football results: Liverpool 2-2 Leicester City.